The Importance of Knowing your Avid Pro Tools Shortcuts | 241

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It pays to be aware of how crucial understanding your Avid Pro Tools shortcuts is! Pro Tools continues to be the industry standard recording program in studios all around the world. Although other audio recording tools like Logic, Cubase, Sonar, and Reason continue to make compelling arguments, most professional studios solely use Pro Tools as their DAW. So why not find the “keys” to the kingdom if there is a king?

1 The keyboard is important

MacBook keyboards

Before attempting any Pro Tools fast keys or shortcuts, be sure to note what keyboard you are really using. The largest source of annoyance is when you know you’ve entered a key command accurately yet nothing happens. For instance: the Event Operations Window to appear If you are using a Macbook Pro, let’s assume you wish to quantize your MIDI drums. Option+0 won’t accomplish anything since the “0” refers to the associated numeric keypad, which you most likely don’t have. Get my meaning?

2 Do not be reluctant to consult a cheat sheet!

In an application like Pro Tools, the sheer number of shortcuts and fast buttons available might be intimidating. It’s critical to understand that, like with anything else, improvement comes solely from repetition and practice. Make careful to use all the available options if you are recording yourself or someone else using Pro Tools and are comfortable doing so. If you have access to the internet, one of your finest resources is to

a page like Keyboard Shortcuts for Pro Tools should be bookmarked. It’s an instant method to get refreshed or even learn something new in a pinch!

3 Time is of the essence!

As you gain confidence in your knowledge of the Avid Pro Tools shortcuts, keep in mind that the more work you can complete quickly, the more money you may earn. I recently participated in a recording session when a few of my clients requested to record additional takes on different tracks. I absolutely caught them off guard by arming them in a matter of seconds and asking whether they were prepared to go. One of the guys seemed impressed and added, “Wow…these guys on computers these days,” referring to me.I would still be seeking the “make a new track” button everywhere!”

Look into the audio engineering curriculum at Dark Horse Institute if you’re serious about learning more about Pro Tools and recording. It’s one of the greatest methods to truly acquire a specialized education in all of the equipment necessary to succeed in music production. In addition, I’d be honored to shake your hand and assist you in realizing your ambitions in music creation!

Enjoy your recording!

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