Insights Weekly reports sent directly to your inbox | 2003

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If you’re anything like me, email dominates your work life. Sales, offers, auction endings, order alerts, and domain expiration notifications are all possible. Email is the primary mode of communication and is frequently the first thing we check in the morning.

Beginning on Monday, Efty will begin delivering weekly digests of your activity and performance, along with a comparison to the prior week’s performance.

It enables you to begin your week with a comprehensive report on your portfolio’s financials. See which domains are going to expire, how much you should budget for renewals, and easily check on enquiries received via your Efty landing pages.

Efty weekly will arrive in your email soon.

From within the email, you may quickly go to the relevant Efty areas, such as your domain portfolio, expired domains, or to get a breakdown of your renewals.

I sincerely hope you will find this as helpful as I do, and as usual, we welcome your comments and recommendations.

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