Maintaining your Efty portfolio | 2004

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Domain Administration

Our major objective earlier this year was to introduce our beta buddies to Efty and assist them in importing their portfolios. Mission accomplished! We’re really happy that hundreds of beta users are now utilizing Efty to administer thousands of domains!

You regularly register, purchase, transfer, drop, and sell domains as an active domainer. We are currently working on a set of tools that will let you make the appropriate updates to your Efty portfolio.

Users of Efty now receive a weekly update, providing them with a rapid and comprehensive assessment of the state of their domain portfolio, starting a few weeks ago.

As your domains show in Efty, you can also quickly change their whois information thanks to a new functionality we just released.

Simply click the refresh icon to the right of your domain overview in Efty:

Now you can view the details that are currently in Efty and the details that are relevant from the whois database for this specific domain.

Your selections in the input areas will update in Efty. The tool automatically verifies input fields against your existing data, making it simple to update your domains rapidly. Try it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments, on Twitter, or via email. We like hearing your opinions!

Next, what? We’re working on a few fantastic features that will make it easier for you to update your portfolio on a regular basis. If Efty notices changes in your portfolio in the future based on the current whois information, you’ll be notified by email. A feature that recognises freshly registered or purchased names, as well as deleted or sold domains, is something we are developing.

Additionally, we’re developing a tool that will let you send Efty confirmation messages from your registrar so that Efty may add freshly registered domains to your Efty database (complete with all whois information, of course)!

We have enough work to keep us occupied for the upcoming several months.

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