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Was the unreleased Britney Spears song without Autotune authentic?

Yesterday, the “leaked Britney Spears track before Autotune” became viral on social media and the internet. After nearly an hour, the trail was no more. However, it’s still drifting about.

Alien by Britney Spears ZERO AUTOTUNE via Dioguinhoblog
I’m not sharing the video to stoke the fire; I’m sharing it so you can all hear for yourself. However, a few events occurred that highlight the significance of the clip’s appearance. Here are the lessons that the world should presumably have learnt.

The Method of Audio Engineering is Unknown

The track is a vocal warm-up session, not Spears’ finished recording, according to a statement made on Monday, July 7. Whoever has listened to ANY recording Session is aware that the procedure requires creativity and patience. Although I have not personally heard the CD, I can confirm that several amazing vocalists warmed up in extremely unappealing and unsettling ways. But as soon as the takes start, they flick a switch and lay down some amazing things. If you believe that a musician enters a recording studio, pushes record, sings the song once, and that is the finished product, you are severely mistaken about the amount of editing that occurs. We as consumers are fussy, not because the artists aren’t skilled. We want to hear a flawless mix that contains no faults, which takes time.

In the case of this music, they may have known that it could be performed imperfectly if the vocals were going to be autotuned to the extent that they were for effect. The studio was empty of us.

Creators are not machines.

Why is it so difficult to accept that artists warm up, become fatigued, and that they don’t always sound perfect? especially one who plays in a Vegas act virtually every day. Consider yourself a runner who runs for four hours each day. On certain days, you could feel sore, need to stretch a little farther, or the entire day might be difficult. I’m not a supporter of Britney Spears or even fan (I appreciate her work, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan), but when you spend your days collaborating with artists, you get to know them on a personal level. They would be the first to inform you that they are not super beings, I’m sure of it.

The recording is it real?

Yes, I would respond. But it’s unclear what it’s for. Are warm-ups actually recorded by engineers? Sure. Should the tapes have been compromised? No. Unsurprisingly, someone’s job was lost.

If that was only a warm-up, why did they rip it off so quickly?

Do you want others seeing you take a shower? I can’t answer for sure. Most likely not. It might be awkward and unpleasant to warm up in front of people since it is like them watching you get ready for the day. There is no basis for thinking it was anything other.

How do you feel? Is all this fuss for nothing? Does using AutoTune lessen an artist’s skill in any way? Let us know what you think!

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