What Can You Learn About Audio Engineering In 17 Weeks | 233

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Yes, you’re correct; you can’t. Have I lost my mind? Our course doesn’t last 17 weeks.

We do have a 17-week program, so no, I haven’t gone insane. However, the common response to our claim that audio engineering can be learned in 17 weeks is “You can’t possibly learn everything.”

They are totally correct. The first people to tell you that are our professors. In 17 weeks, you can’t possibly learn everything there is to know about audio engineering. We can not, however, guarantee that you will learn everything there is to know in 17 weeks, four years, or even your whole career. Just as a physician will never fully understand an illness, a scientist will never fully understand the world, and a teacher will never fully understand an issue. The mere fact that you attend school does not guarantee that you are an expert in anything.

It would be a lie if we said you would learn everything there is to know about audio engineering, sound, and music creation. However, if you put in the effort and keep learning, you can become an audio engineer after taking our course. Many of our grads are already working in that field.

So why did you pick Dark Horse? Because we will provide the education and knowledge required to obtain a career. skills such as media sound, live sound, editing, pro tools, and analog and digital recording. You enter the studio on the first day and leave with assurance.

knowing you might enter a studio and conduct a productive session on the last day.

You must keep learning throughout your profession, just like in any other. When anything goes wrong, when something changes, or every time you enter a studio, you will learn. We teach you how to manage difficult circumstances and develop professionally.

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