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Band competition

In DHI’s Battle of the Bands, 64 bands will compete against one another in a bracket-style matchup where the audience will choose the victor. Four divisional brackets will be used to divide the top 64 bands. One band every week will face each band. The band with the most votes in their division bracket will then face off against a different band in a vote-off to advance to the final position. Start the games now!

NOW Enter Your Band!

How it Operates:

A different band will be partnered with each band. You urge supporters and friends to vote for your film that is featured on this page throughout the one-week voting contest between the two bands. The conclusion of the

Each band will start the following week with 0 votes, and the band with the most votes will advance to the next bracket to compete against the winner of the bracket below it. Consider the NCAA Basketball Tournament as an example.

See the illustration below:

Depending on the entries, either 64 or 32 bands will open the competition. This will continue until there are just 2 bands left. The winner of the DHI Battle of the Bands will be determined by fan voting after the Final 2 bands have competed.

The winner will get two weeks to record, mix, and master a six-song EP at Dark Horse Institute. additionally to on-site housing

See the Official Rules for More Info!

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