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Today, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of PayPal as a new payment option for purchasers of your domain names. We worked to include PayPal integration into Efty after hearing from you about how crucial it is for you to provide PayPal in your marketplace and/or specific For-Sale landing pages.

By providing your customers with a simple form of payment and enabling you to connect with more customers worldwide, PayPal may help you sell more domain names.

For more expensive domain names, Efty does advise using a licenced escrow integration partner like or DAN.COM, but we also recognise that adding PayPal buy-it-now buttons for your lower-priced inventory has advantages, including receiving instant payment for your domain name and letting customers pay for your domain name in a matter of seconds rather than going through the frequently longer, escrow process.

The way that PayPal is integrated into Efty operates similarly to how and DAN.COM are integrated. Once your PayPal account has been connected to Efty, you may choose PayPal as your preferred or secondary payment method, which will add a Buy-It-Now button with the PayPal logo to your landing page and/or marketplace:

When a customer hits the “Buy It Now” button, we lead them to a straightforward form where we ask for some crucial details like their name, email address, and phone number, which Efty will email to you.

The buyer will be sent to the website after clicking the “Continue to PayPal” button, where they may make an immediate payment for the domain name. As an extra bonus, the PayPal checkout form will include your marketplace’s logo at the top.

You will receive an email from PayPal immediately after the customer successfully submits payment for the domain name, and you must get in touch with the buyer to discuss the domain name transfer procedure as soon as possible. Please be aware that failing to do so might result in a chargeback and perhaps the cancellation of your PayPal account. This is your exclusive duty as the domain seller.

Adding PayPal BIN (Buy-it-now) buttons to your marketplace or For-Sale landing pages is quite simple. View our setup manual here for additional details.

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