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In Music City, Dark Horse Institute Spreads the Love

While chicken and cornbread are still in high demand around here, Music City itself is a musical melting pot. In truth, at Dark Horse Institute, the results speak for themselves. Everyone moves to the rhythm of their own drum, it’s true, but in principle, that drum needs to be recorded first. Even if we might be partial, it’s difficult to find a better Audio Engineering curriculum than the one offered by Dark Horse Institute. When musical worlds intersect, as they frequently do at Dark Horse Institute, history is almost always being made. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Take the popular pairing in Run DMC’s 1986 Aerosmith rendition of “Walk.” Like this. Or a more recent example, like B.O.B. and Hayley Williams of Paramore in the song “Airplanes”; cross-genre cooperation is hotter than ever. New musicians are being discovered every day thanks to platforms like iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify, and it seems like popular music is always changing and evolving.

A couple students recently decided to perform a collaboration of their own during a Dark Horse Institute Open House because they each thought the other might bring something unique to a fresh recording endeavor. Dark Horse Institute, City of Music Cooking PotMike Riley from country music, Caroline Caspino from contemporary Christian music, and Devin Garrett from pop music came together to create a cover song, but what actually transpired was

something lovely. Attendees of the Open House gawked as each person’s talent was showcased. Even Matthew Wise, a popular student and member of the classroom, sat down in front of a stereo set of AKG 414s to contribute his skills on the acoustic guitar. Both the audio engineering and production as well as the musical talent were led by students.

All of the students from the Dark Horse Institute lit the proverbial fireworks while guests and prospective students interacted with them, asked questions, and took part in a live recording session. It goes without saying that it was a stunning display overall, and there is nothing better than being able to swing on a rope you braided yourself. After graduating from Dark Horse Institute, these students will join Nashville and the sweeping the rest of Music City USA!

Visit this link for more wonderful and surprising cross-genre collaborations: 15 Inter-Genre Partnerships Bing Crosby and David Bowie may be our fave.However, it’s impossible to know for sure.

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