PipeArt.com’s education-driven sales model: from $32 purchase to $1,000 sale | 172

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sale at pipeart.comThe fourth article in our Behind the Sale series on the Efty blog is now live. I interview domain name investors who reveal all the information on a recent sale in this series. You’ll discover how they made their purchases and sales, how the talks worked, and much more.

I’m speaking with Pakistani domain name investor Asad Ali right now.

How did you get your start in the business, Asad?

I planned to get a domain name in 2012 for my own website, but I soon learned that all the decent ones had already been taken. When they were already taken, I would check Godaddy for available domain names. check out the website to see what’s available. I discovered that many domain names could be purchased for many thousand dollars. It piqued my curiosity, so I used Google to look for additional details about buying and selling domain names and ended up at Namepros.com, a fantastic resource for domainers. I now own a portfolio of roughly 100 domain names and focus mostly on.com investments. I possess a lot of brandable domain names.

What is the name of the domain you sold?

In March 2017, I sold PipeArt.com using its Efty For-Sale landing page. The Mokum For-Sale landing page theme was used on this site, however I’m now trying various other themes that include the BIN option.

What did you spend for the domain and what did it sell for?

This domain was acquired for $32 at Godaddy Auctions in July 2014. It was much simpler to find decent domains at reasonable pricing back then than it is now. In March 2017, the domain was sold for $1,000.

Can you tell me about the talks for this domain name?

I received a $150 offer in January and replied with $2,888, but they did not respond. When I followed up, informing them I was ready to lower the price somewhat, they claimed they were no longer interested.

I received another enquiry from the same individual in February, but from a new email address. This time, their first bid was $550, and I replied with the same asking price of $2,888. Their final offer was $1,000 after a few email exchanges. I accepted their last offer, but it took another month for the deal to be completed. We completed the transaction using Payoneer Escrow.

Thank you for sharing. Asad, Is there anyone else you’d want to mention?

I may have undersold the domain, but sometimes you have to keep the sales flowing, and there’s a strong possibility you’ll develop a long-term working relationship with your client. This specific customer was really grateful to me for guiding him through the entire process from start to finish. To accept the domain at his registrar, he must first create an account with Payoneer. He is still in contact with me, telling me about his plans for the name and soliciting my feedback on his new website.

Efty does not have access to the user’s sales data. As a result, we only disclose data on sales that have been publicly publicized. Our whole governance may be seen here.

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