Together with Payoneer, we’ve expanded Efty to provide safe and secure escrow transactions. | 159

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Update: Payoneer regrettably chosen to stop offering domain name escrow services.

I’m pleased to announce that we have partnered with Payoneer, a leading provider of online payment services, to offer safe, authorized, and international domain name transactions to the Efty platform through its escrow services. This is another step toward making Efty the hub of your domaining operations. For the whole month of April 2017, Payoneer is providing free escrow transactions to Efty members to commemorate the introduction of this service on our platform.

A digital payments startup called Payoneer facilitates international transfers between 150 different currencies and over 200 different countries. Payoneer is the platform of choice for millions of small company owners, including online retailers in China and service providers in India, as well as thousands of big internet companies like Airbnb and Google.

You may add acquire It Now (BIN) buttons to your domain name marketplace and for-sale landing pages using Payoneer’s escrow API, allowing customers to use the authorised and secure online escrow payment service to acquire domain names. One of the simplest and most secure ways for businesses to send and receive payment is through Payoneer’s escrow service, which has an intuitive user interface.

Recently, we have noticed an increase in the demand from our users for alternative domain escrow services, and we believe that Payoneer is the ideal partner to fill the gap and support us in achieving our primary goal of assisting our users in selling more domain names without having to pay any commission. Our sellers, who are located all over the world, may receive payments faster, in their local currency, and at cheaper prices with Payoneer’s worldwide payment capacity than with conventional payment methods.

For the whole month of April, Payoneer will cover all escrow fees for Efty sellers in order to promote our collaboration.

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