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The first of September signifies the conclusion of the summer break for many of us, the start of the school year for your children, and the beginning of your own return to work or company.

The Efty team must bid farewell to the beta, a trip we began back in May of last year, in order to advance the business to its exciting next phase.

You now have a month to use (or test out) Efty before picking one of our monthly plans or the lifetime subscription available only to early adopters. As of today, we automatically transformed your free beta account into an Efty trial account.

When you log into your Efty account, a lifetime subscription will already be active if you are one of the 10 survey winners.

I’d want to take this chance to express my gratitude to everyone for their wonderful support, suggestions, and ideas up to this point. We look forward to continuing to collaborate closely with domain name investors and partners to develop even better tools to support your future financial success.

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