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Domain Administration

Domains were created. They are frequently your most crucial domains for good cause. You may use them for your business, marketplace, blog, personal website, or wedding website. These domains are frequently not for sale and were not bought as part of a normal domain name investment, but many of you have informed us that you still want to keep track of them and have them all in one spot for a fast overview.

We’ve created a new status category called Development today, allowing you to quickly label developing or personal domains as such and follow them in their own tab.

In Efty, developed domains now have an own tab.

Simply search them up in Efty, click edit, and change the Status from Portfolio to Development to update your development domains.

As simple as 1,2.3, mark your domains as developed.

As usual, we sincerely appreciate your thoughts and suggestions as we work to make Efty even better.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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