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September is a rather big month for us, as you are already aware. Since August marked the end of the testing period, this is the first month in which devoted beta participants are switching from free to paid membership.

Instead of purchasing travel arrangements for the Bahamas, we decided to focus this month’s efforts on advancing our development plan and making Efty the one tool that every domainer looks forward to using.

We’re pleased to share the following corrections and upgrades after one week:

The Efty Market

The sorting fault in Efty Market’s table view has been resolved. Pinned domains are precisely positioned at the head of the list, while the rest of your domains are alphabetically arranged, as they should be.
The IP address of the query’s sender is appended to the new inquiry e-mail.

TLDs may now be searched for in the ‘Search domains’ area at the top of your Efty Market page.
When you change ‘Display on Efty Market’ to ‘no’ in edit domain mode, the landing page is instantly destroyed (gracefully) with a custom 404. This enables you to add your development and not-for-sale domains to Efty while knowing that they are only visible to you.

When you use a custom domain for your Efty Market, you’ll also have a sitemap associated to your custom domain (look for the sitemap link in the footer of your Efty Market). Previously, the sitemap was connected to an subpage that ignored your custom domain.
E-mail validation is now available on all enquiry forms and landing pages.You may add an alternate e-mail address to use on your Efty Market landing pages (header and footer) under settings > Efty Market.

Domain administration and landing page statistics

While in domain edit mode, click the edit button next to the domain’s name (‘Domain’ tab). This allows you to capitalize the domain name following an import (for example,’’ => ‘’), making it more appealing to potential purchasers.

Last but not least, we present to you statistics on landing pages by domain! The total number of visits and the number of visitors in the previous 30 days may be seen at the bottom of the marketing tab when you access a domain in domain view mode in Efty. For a summary of all domains and their pageviews, be sure to look at Insights > Landing pages.

Please share your thoughts on our most recent update with us as well as email us any desires, ideas, or recommendations at

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