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I’m happy to report that we have acquired DomaHub, a provider of domain name management software, to help us expand our market share and solidify Efty’s position as the leading subscription-based sales platform for domain name investors.

Wonmin Lee and Wonkyu Lee created DomaHub in 2016 as a website that let customers rent their domain names for varyingly brief periods of time. The business went on to add more Efty-like features over the years, including for-sale landing pages, domain name administration tools, and a bespoke marketplace function. They proceeded to build on their original concept.

Users of DomaHub are a wonderful fit for the Efty family because they recognise the value of tracking their success as investors and understand how to take use of a for-sale landing page and their own marketplace website without paying a fee.

We will switch all DomaHub users over to Efty in order to guarantee that all users will receive more features, functionality, and access to our exciting roadmap of innovations.

All current DomaHub users may easily transfer their DomaHub portfolio to Efty by using the Export to CSV function that has been made available in their accounts as of right now. The Growth plan will be upgraded for free and for a full year for DomaHub Premium subscribers.

It is an honor for me that Wonmin Lee and Wonkyu Lee, the DomaHub founders, trusted Efty enough to unite our client bases and hasten the expansion of the top sales platform for domain name investors.

Co-founder and head of product Doron Vermaat

We want to give all DomaHub users a very warm welcome. With Efty, we hope to help you strengthen your investing skills by managing, marketing, and monetizing your domain name portfolio.

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