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More than simply a portfolio website, your domain name marketplace is a powerful tool.

As a domain name investor, it is your brand and your online identity. When someone visits your For-Sale landing page or you react to an email with an offer or question, it is frequently one of the very first things they look at.

That initial impression counts. Design is crucial. Interest in the chances is stoked by mobile-first, attractive images, clean text, prominent call-to-action buttons, and a personalized message centered on perks.

We at Efty are humbled by the marketplace feature’s continued expansion and are really happy to host several of the best domain name portfolios on the internet. We value you. We know you want to be able to stand out from the competition, which is why we continually introducing cutting-edge design and functionality to Efty, such live chat and MailChimp integrations.


We are thrilled to introduce Michelet today. a fresh theme for your online store.

In addition to having a cutting-edge, mobile-first design that allows you to choose the colors, background picture, and logo, Michelet also has a ton of brand-new features and enhancements.


ShortlistAnyone viewing your website using the Michelet marketplace theme may like a domain name by clicking or touching the tiny heart-shaped icon just below the description or inside the search results. The heart-shaped symbol in the site’s main menu may then be selected to view a shortlist of all favored domain names.

an individual page and a contact page.

You may now add a new custom page that will appear in the Michelet theme’s main menu in addition to the existing “About Us” page. This page may be named anyway you like, so feel free to use it as you like. Showcase previously sold domains, put up a “How does this work” website that explains the acquisition and transfer procedure, or display a list of recently sold names.

from another website’s widget. There is now a static “Contact Us” page as well. Regardless of the marketplace theme you decide to use for your website, both of these pages will be visible.

Simple Make-Offer documents

Now on your marketplace website, buyers may submit an offer for a domain name without ever leaving the search results pages. Efty will gather as much pertinent data as it can about the person submitting the inquiry, including a phone number and IP address, to make it simple for you to study the prospective purchase.

expanded logo size

The site’s header of the Michelet theme has a bigger logo for better exposure and simpler mobile and desktop navigation.

You must go to Settings > Marketplace in your account to change the theme of your marketplace to Michelet.

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