Landing Pages for Education and For-Sale Fresku, Nubia, and Nobo are introduced.| 198

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When selling domains, how crucial is an attractive for-sale landing page, and can you charge a premium for it?

We’ve discovered at Efty that first impressions are important. Design is important. And, by hosting millions of For-Sale landing pages over the last four years, we’ve discovered that mobile-first, attractive images, clear writing, bold call-to-action buttons, and a personalized message centered on advantages cause potential buyers to not just evaluate the opportunities, but to pay a premium for it.

We are dedicated to maintaining our position as an industry pioneer and being the driving force behind an unbelievable volume of offers, enquiries, and, most importantly, commission-free domain name sales.

As a result, I am pleased to announce that we have recently launched what we believe to be the industry’s best-looking For-Sale landing pages and to present you to the first three templates in this new series:

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The Fresku template is also available in BIN-only, UDRP Safe, and INDRP Safe variants.

And the process for creating and customizing these new For-Sale landing pages is same, and they are available on all subscription tiers, including free trial accounts. On both the Fresku and the Nubia themes, a custom logo can be used in place of the domain name, and our connections with, PayPal, and Stripe are supported.

Before I forget, you may now submit your own, unique background picture to both the North and Kiffer themes as a bonus.

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