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I’m thrilled to inform everyone that Efty is now supporting sub-domains.

What does that imply then?

It implies that you may now host an Efty-powered marketplace on a sub-domain of this website if you already have an established website for your domaining business. or are two examples.

The fantastic feature? Additionally, you can do this for each of your individual landing pages and put them on a subdomain you create, such as sales.yourwebsite or

You can also obviously do both. Use two distinct sub-domains of your website to host your marketplace AND your landing pages for products for sale.

It’s a terrific way to keep your current website or blog up while integrating the strength of Efty’s technology into your own domain to host your marketplace or for-sale landing pages on a sub-domain.

Please check out the lessons in our knowledge base by clicking the link below to learn more about how to put this up.

Use a subdomain to host your marketplace.

Use a subdomain to host your landing pages for sales.

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