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You don’t want your For-Sale landing pages hosted on, but you do want them to be SSL-secured. We comprehend.

You don’t want your domains to reroute to an Efty Marketplace, but you still want to add the joy of Live Chat to all of your For-Sale landing pages. Check.

Perhaps you want a straightforward site for your domain investing company without the ability for visitors to view your whole portfolio. Good to go.

I’m thrilled to inform you that as of right now, you can:

All of our slick For-Sale landing page templates may be hosted on a custom domain of your choosing.

You may build up a custom domain name on which you can host lovely For-Sale landing pages for ALL of your domain names that are utilizing Efty’s nameservers using this brand-new standalone option, which can be activated on any Growth, Professional, Lifetime, or Enterprise plan.

I’ll explain in detail how this operates in the video walk-through below.

SSL and optional Live Chat are included with your personalized domain name.

While our live chat integration with enables you to communicate with buyers in real-time, provide support, and act quickly when an interested buyer comes knocking, enabling SSL not only helps keep your visitors’ information safe, having SSL on your For-Sale landing pages keeps their minds at ease because it provides authentication and trust.

Go to Settings > For-Sale landing pages in your Efty account to begin using your custom domain name. For a step-by-step guide, see this page.

Not yet using Efty? Start now by opening a free trial account.

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