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Since Efty doesn’t charge a fee on sales made through the platform, we have no motivation to embellish the truth in an effort to attract more customers.

The global economy is being severely and profoundly affected by the coronavirus epidemic, with demand-side issues accounting for the majority of the disruptions. Due to the increased uncertainty, many firms are delaying expenditures, and as a result, Efty received 14.5% fewer enquiries in March than they did in February.

The platform-wide traffic across Efty powered For-Sale landing pages has surged by more than 37% compared to February and will soon reach 4 million visitors per month as more areas of our everyday life have shifted online as a result of the coronavirus.

This is consistent with the fact that more people are now connecting to the internet daily from their living rooms and home offices, where usage of the internet has increased by 50% in some regions of the world.

The truth remains that many people will lose their jobs and income when firms close their doors and there will be less venture capital for new enterprises, even if greater internet usage may undoubtedly be one of the silver linings of the dreadful predicament the globe now finds itself in. new businesses that will harm the domain name secondary market.

It will be prudent for you to take action as a domain name investor, not just to survive but also to prosper in these trying times. This is how:

Portfolio cleanliness

Maintaining a healthy domain name portfolio involves regularly analyzing the domain names you possess and deciding which ones to preserve and which ones to sell or delete. If you want to keep your investment portfolio in good shape and make money, you should do a regular hygiene evaluation of your domain portfolio. You may do this either once a year or once a month when you go in to your registrar to renew domain names. Three simple questions are all you need to ask yourself to keep your domain name portfolio healthy:

1 Since when do you hold the domain?
2 How many different users visit the domain name each month?

3 How many bids on the domain name have you received?

Michael Cyger, the creator of DNAcademy, will take you step-by-step through the procedure.

Efty includes a dedicated page for keeping track of your domains that are due to expire, making things simple. Proceed with it.

Track and prepare your spending

After cleaning up your portfolio, you want to be sure renewal costs won’t come as a surprise. Add renewal payments for all of your domains to your monthly budget planning so that it matches your revenue. This could be utilizing our Bulk Import & Update tool, done for your whole portfolio at once.

Once finished, go to the financial reports page in your Efty account and you will get a graphic breakdown of your forthcoming renewal payments. You will then be aware of the precise amount you need to budget for future renewals.

Review your pricing

During these tough economic times, it’s crucial to make sure your portfolio is priced affordably for consistent cash flow. The majority of domain names bought on the secondary market sell for under $5,000, with the bulk of aftermarket domain names selling in the US$2,000 to US$4,000 area. Therefore, unless your portfolio is loaded with premium domain names, we advise you to market the majority of them at a price that is reasonable. If you like Efty also provides a vast selection of Make Offer and pricing Upon Request for-sale landing pages, enabling you to research the interested party and their budget before providing your pricing. Don’t aim for the moon while we’re still on this downhill slope is sound counsel.

Concentrate on lucrative niches

Fortunately, there are always chances, especially in tough economic times. There is a greater need for solutions, goods, and services that fit our modern lives because many of us are confined or work from home. As a result, we see new patterns of entertainment consumption. During periods like this, it is also normal to see a significant number of new startup enterprises develop, and it is In the following markets and industries, a growth in demand for aftermarket domains is to be anticipated:

Remote employment and WFH
Online Learning 
Social Media
Services for streaming
online games
Communications through video

Not to mention, this slowdown will result in lower wholesale pricing. Following these suggestions will give you the opportunity to make some fantastic purchases and sell those domains for a nice profit when the market rebounds, which, in the end, it always will. Additionally, make sure you are financially secure and maintain cash on hand.

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