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In the past several years, Efty and the team have worked together to assist our users in the sale and purchase of thousands of domains.

We are happy to announce that we have introduced some more functionality and upgrades. Our connection with Escrow Pay already allowed you to show Buy It Now (BIN) buttons on your For-Sale landing pages and marketplace, enabling customers to purchase your domain directly via

Directly start a new transaction from your Efty dashboard.

Now, starting a new escrow transaction is simple and doesn’t need you to leave your Efty dashboard.

I’ll explain in detail how this operates in the video walk-through below.

What is the Concierge Service at

During the transaction, the domain will be held securely in’s registrar account and delivered to the buyer safely thanks to the Domain Concierge Service.

The security of having an impartial third party complete the domain transfer on their behalf is preferred by many buyers and sellers. At every stage of the transaction, employees will oversee the reception of the money and the domain into’s safe accounts, verify that the domain matches the purchase agreement, and finalize the transfer to the buyer for security. can often obtain your domain by push because it has accounts with all of the major registrars. Here, you may determine the transaction’s concierge fee.

Go to Settings > Preferences in your Efty dashboard to activate the concierge service for all of your Buy-It-Now transactions made via Alternatively, you can enable it for each individual domain name by ticking the appropriate box on the Marketing page.

Replace the outdated with the modern

All users are now using the most recent Escrow Pay integration. If you’ve been a customer of Efty for a long and haven’t had a chance to convert to the new integration, we’ve already taken care of it for you. The new integration smooths out the escrow process. Because customers are sent to a wizard on, they can quickly accept the terms and finish an escrow transaction by following a few simple steps.

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