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Even though 2020 is still young, many people already consider it to be one of the most difficult years in recent memory. Nevertheless, it has been a terrific year for technology. As COVID-19 has shown, the Internet is essential for e-commerce, and as a result, demand for outstanding aftermarket domains is at an all-time high.

As our platform continues to expand, our development team at Efty has committed a substantial amount of resources in stepping up security and growing our infrastructure to manage the enormous increase in traffic we’re seeing throughout the platform every day.

But where is the inventiveness? That item that enables you to sell additional domains, right?

No need to worry; we haven’t abandoned our goal, and we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to keep our word and assist you in selling more domains while paying less money.

In order to keep you informed, this is what will be happening at Efty during the next few weeks:

More people will see your domains at Efty com

Sellers have questioned if Efty can assist in increasing the visibility for their domains through a centralized marketplace ever since we published the initial beta version of our sales platform. a location where customers could look for and buy names from all Efty vendors at once. We’ve worked hard to fulfill this much requested request. The primary Efty com website will shortly undergo a complete redesign to become the first commission-free marketplace in the sector.

With the introduction of the new marketplace, one of the largest and most premium inventories in the sector will be made available for search (of course, there is an easy opt-out for sellers as well), and buyers will be able to negotiate with over a thousand different portfolio owners and conduct direct business via or DAN.COM.

Efty plus DAN COM equals

3547 15-log o-black-58 9688-original-15893 7660 9You did read that accurately, too. We’ve partnered with the industry’s most dynamic and aspirational marketplace. Efty sellers will soon be able to add Buy-It-Now buttons powered by DAN COM to their marketplace and/or for-sale landing pages, and it will be a checkout option on the new market in addition to

Efty and DAN COM are both Dutch-based businesses that share a common goal, set of principles, and commitment to providing investors with better tools and solutions so they can sell more domain names for a cheaper commission.

Since its launch, DAN COM has processed well over $100M in domain name transactions, and both buyers and sellers like it for its hassle-free transaction and transfer procedure and lightning-fast rewards. Additionally, a variety of payment methods, including bitcoin, are supported for both buyers and sellers.

Stay tuned and anticipate more frequent updates from the Groningen team as there is a ton more fantastic content coming to Efty in the remaining months of 2020!

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