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The ‘Make a provide’ form on Efty For-Sale landing pages is the core of what we provide to domain name investors, as one of our users so eloquently put it not long ago. Our top objective is to eliminate any kind of spam or fraudulent inquiries since the email inquiries you receive through Efty should be the offers and leads that you turn into sales.

Efty has become a far more enticing target for spambots as our service’s popularity among domainers continues to soar and the number of domains in our zone-file explodes.

We chose to create a solution that gets rid of all potential spam and unknown offers on your domain names because the many captcha solutions now available only address a portion of the issue. Anyone placing an offer on your domain using your Efty For-Sale landing pages must now send an email to confirm their request. We make things exceedingly simple for people putting a bid on your domain name by making this a one-click procedure.

You now have a 100% guarantee that any offers or inquiries that arrive in your inbox moving forward are coming from the sender whose information is included in the email.

So you never have to worry about missing out on a prospective lead, we’ve made sure to keep any non-verified enquiries in Insights > enquiries.

This straightforward yet efficient technique should greatly improve the caliber of your leads and eliminate the vast majority of spam or trolls.

Wishing you greater leads and increased revenue.

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