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In 2014, when we released the initial edition of Efty, we immediately began to add visitor analytics. Early on, we had to deal with the same problems that each major market has, and our data were almost meaningless due to bot traffic and referral spam. As a remedy, in 2016 we introduced an interface with Google Analytics as the first domain sales platform.

Many of you have informed us that you miss having analytics for each of your domains directly in your Efty account, even though our Google Analytics connection still provides the most comprehensive data set by far, offering you in-depth insights into exactly where your visitors originate from. a rapid approach to determine which directly into your Efty account of your domains. An effective technique to quickly determine which of your domain names is receiving the most visitors.

I’m happy to report that, as of right now, your domains overview includes the number of visitors for each of your domains during the previous 30 days.

You may learn which of your domains are being viewed the most by looking at visitor statistics, which are compiled over a 30-day period and updated once each hour. Real, human-only visitors who arrive at your domains via your own landing pages for sales, your own marketplace, a custom lander domain, and shortly via Efty.com are tracked by us.

You will also have the option to display visitor statistics on the Efty.com for-sale landing pages when the new Efty.com marketplace launches later this month.

Giving potential buyers a sense of urgency by including visitor statistics on your landing pages also demonstrates that, after purchasing the domain name, they would be able to immediately attract some users or clients for their company idea.

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