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I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve recently released two brand-new marketplace designs that let you quickly set up your own unique domain store.

With the new designs, you can sell your domains from a polished, expert-looking, and responsive marketplace and promote your domain name portfolio using a custom domain all without paying a cent in fee.

The first two themes to be released into the market galley are:

a tile or a table

The ability to display domains in both a table and tile mode, with the tile version allowing you to emphasise domains with logos right in the search results and on the homepage, will excite brandable enthusiasts.

Get ready:

Only customers that have set up a custom domain for their Efty marketplace are supported for the new marketplace themes. We have automatically switched you to the new Borgen theme if you already have a custom domain set up for your Efty marketplace. To establish your favorite theme, upload or modify your logo, enter your introduction text, choose a backdrop, select Tile or Table view, and alter the colors of your site, simply log in and click the Efty Market option in the top menu of the program.

Up to nine premium domains can be shown on the homepage of each theme (before, you could only choose three of these “Pinned” domains). Efty automatically displays the nine most recent domains you’ve added to your account as premium domains if you haven’t yet chosen any premium domains. Simply look for the domain in your Efty account, click Edit, then choose the “Premium” checkbox under the Marketing tab to highlight it on the marketplace’s front page.

You may include Google Analytics monitoring, which we implemented last week, to monitor traffic and gauge interaction on your new marketplace.

Interested in sharing your marketplace or in getting started? We would love to assist you and/or visit your marketplace!

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