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When we introduced the enhanced marketplace functionality back in June, we thought we were on to something, but we had no idea we would soon be able to support over 430 different domain name marketplaces! Throughout these months, we have made several minor adjustments and problem fixes, but we have also carefully considered your demands. I’m excited to announce the first of many upcoming upgrades to the marketplace feature that we will be releasing over the following few months.

Your own unique backdrop uploaded:

You want to be sure to stand out from the competition in the sea of Efty-powered markets by giving yours a unique brand. You could previously upload your own logo and change the colour scheme of your website, but you were only able to choose one of the 12 pre-selected header photos from our library. no more. Now that you may add your own photo. A few online markets that have previously done this include,, and (yep, if you wish, you can upload an image of a huge unicorn!).

Make sure the picture is a JPG, PNG, or GIF, has a maximum file size of 1MB, and exactly 1900 pixels wide by 600 pixels high before uploading it under Settings > Efty Market. Oh, and double check that you have permission to use the image. PEXELS is a terrific place to get plenty of high-quality images that are FREE (and free to use!) and cover a variety of subjects, from the galaxy to wildlife to business.

Your own custom meta description:

Being in command of your market’s brand is fantastic, but it’s as crucial to control how your website appears in Google and similar search engine results. The meta description has a role in this. The meta summary is a 160-character summary of the information on a page. When the keyword being searched for is included in the meta description, search engines like Google will most likely display it in the search results. On-page SEO includes the ability to optimise the description, which is crucial. If you want to understand more about the value of a meta description on today’s web, this article is a great resource. Add your meta description by going to Settings > Efty Market.

Featured domains on your homepage that are limitless:

Previously, your marketplace’s homepage could only display a maximum of nine domain names. You may now showcase as many domain names on there as you like because we decided to remove that restriction a time back. Open the domain in your Efty account, click Edit, and then choose the “Premium” checkbox as shown in the following picture to display the domain on your marketplace’s homepage:

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